Well Visit Schedule and Vaccine Information

Well-Visit Schedule

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children have well-visits for preventive health care on the following schedule:

_____________________________________________’s Doctor Visits

Age:                                                            Date to log-on for an appointment

1 week _________________________________________________

1 month ________________________________________________

2 months _______________________________________________

4 months _______________________________________________

6 months _______________________________________________

9 months _______________________________________________

12 months ______________________________________________

15 months ______________________________________________

18 months ______________________________________________

2 years _________________________________________________

2 and a half years _________________________________________

Yearly thereafter __________________________________________

Please feel free to print this page as a reminder.


Dr. Lieberman is strongly in favor of childhood vaccines. She is also strongly in favor of parents’ choice. Therefore, she will support parents in any choices they make regarding vaccines for their child. However, even for patients not receiving all vaccines, this visit schedule is essential!

Good websites for information about vaccines are:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): www.cdc.gov/vaccines/

Immunization Action Coalition: www.vaccineinformation.org

The American Academy of Pediatrics: www.cispimmunize.org/

National Network for Immunization Information: www.immunizationinfo.org/VaccineInfo/index.cfm

Please see the Health Information page for more!