Vaccine Information

Before your child receives any vaccines, it is important to read the Vaccine Information Statement on each one. They can be printed out for you in the office, or you can find them at the CDC website by clicking here.

Have questions about vaccines? Here’s a reliable site where you can find answers:

American Academy of Pediatrics Immunization Site

From this site, here’s a page explaining Vaccine ingredients, including why they are needed.

From the CDC, here’s a list of vaccine ingredients, sorted by vaccine. I carry Sanofi-Pasteur and Merck vaccines, including Pentacel, Act Hib, Daptacel, and Rotateq.

Are you worried about side effects or after effects from vaccines?

Here’s an article showing that children who received vaccines on time are the same, neuropsychologically, as children who received them late or not at all. Neuropsychological Outcome article.

Read more about Hib: (World Health Organization) (Center for Disease Control) (Vaccine Information)

Hemophilus Influenzae Background sheet