Vaccine Information

Dr. Lieberman is strongly in favor of childhood vaccines. She also understands that parents make their own choices. Fairmount Pediatrics offers excellent care to all patients regardless of their vaccine status. All patients should follow the recommended well-visit schedule, even if they’re not receiving all vaccines.

Click here for a list of other pediatric offices located in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Delaware County that also accept patients not receiving all vaccines.

Before your child receives any vaccines, it is important to read the Vaccine Information Statement on each one. They can be printed out for you in the office, or you can find them at the CDC website by clicking here.

Have questions about vaccines?

Here’s a reliable site where you can find answers: American Academy of Pediatrics Immunization site.

Here’s a page explaining vaccine ingredients, including why they are needed.

From the CDC, here’s a list of vaccine ingredients, sorted by vaccine. I carry Sanofi-Pasteur and Merck vaccines, including Pentacel, Act Hib, Daptacel, and Rotateq.

More good websites for information about vaccines are:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Immunization Action Coalition:

The American Academy of Pediatrics:

National Network for Immunization Information:

Are you worried about side effects or after effects from vaccines?

Here’s an article showing that children who received vaccines on time are the same, neuropsychologically, as children who received them late or not at all: Neuropsychological Outcome article

Hib is one of the most serious diseases in infancy which can be prevented by vaccine. Many people who are hesitant about vaccines still accept the Hib vaccine. You can learn more about it here:

Hib information from the California Department of Public Health

Hib information from the Centers for Disease Control

Hib vaccine recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control

Pediatric offices that accept patients not receiving all vaccines:

Advocare Main Line Pediatrics: Koehler Melanie MD 610-642-9200
Alleghany Avenue Pediatric Center 215-423-2030
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 215-590-1000
CHOP Karabots, Pediatrics Care Center, West Philadelphia 267-425-9800
CHOP Primary Care, Cobbs Creek 215-476-2223
CHOP Primary Care, Roxborough 215-483-3444
CHOP Primary Care, South Philadelphia 215-467-5870
CHOP Primary Care, Springfield 610-604-0888
Dr. Jennifer D. Diabo, M.D. 215-423-1011
Hatboro Pediatrics, PC 215-441-5670
Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Collegeville 484-302-5493
Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Concordville 610-358-2410
Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Primary Care, Philadelphia 215-861-8800
Pediatric Associates of Plymouth 610-489-2229
Pediatric Care Group PC 215-885-8700
Pediatrics & Preventive Medicine Associates, P.C. 215-471-7000
PHA Pediatrics 215-452-0304
Premier Pediatrics 215-423-1011
St. Christopher’s Hospital-Children 215-427-5000
Tri-County Pediatrics (Chalfont) 215-822-1770
Tri-County Pediatrics (Elkins Park) 215-884-5715
Tri-County Pediatrics (Huntingdon Valley) 215-379-3022
Tri-County Pediatrics (Philadelphia) 215-676-5577
Tri-County Pediatrics (Southhampton) 215-322-0800
Tri-County Pediatrics (Warminster) 215-672-7272