Pay Your Invoice Online


If you received an invoice in the mail or by email from Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, or if you just want to pay your balance now, you can pay via the patient portal. Directions: 1. Log on, using your usual patient portal user name (Firstname.Lastname of patient) and password (if you need a new one, please contact us). 2. Look for “Make a payment” on the left column, near the bottom. 3. Enter credit card information (or flex account info) and 4. Hit Submit!

Thank you for paying your invoice!


If you owe administrative fees, you can pay those using the secure services of Paypal. Please do NOT pay them using the portal.

Forms $5
Medical Records $20
No-Show/ Short-notice cancellation $100

1. Click the credit card icon below to begin.

2. Enter the amount you owe. You must enter the amount — it will not populate automatically.

3. Enter your child’s name in the “description” section.

4. Follow Paypal’s instructions on the right to complete the transaction.

Thank you!


Patient Name
Patient date of birth

Click on this Mobile Payment if you’re using mobile phone and want to pay through PayPal.