Office Policies


skyflowers-big If you need a referral for a doctor you have seen before, please log in and send a secure email requesting the referral. Alternatively, you may leave a message on our answering machine.

Required Information: child’s full name, date of birth, name of insurance company, insurance ID number, name, provider number, phone and fax number of doctor being referred to, reason (diagnosis) for visit, any special procedures being performed, a contact phone number for the patient.

As much as possible, please allow us 3 business days to fill out your referrals. The best practice is to log in to request the referral at the time that you make the appointment with the specialist. If your insurance requires paper referrals, please inform us if you will pick it up, or if you wish us to fax the referral to your specialist. (Only Health Partners requires a paper referral.)

If you would like to see a new specialist whom you have not seen before, please make an appointment for Dr. Lieberman to evaluate the problem and help you choose the best specialist to assist you.


If you need a prescription refill for a medication your child has been on before, please log in and send a secure email requesting this. Alternatively, you may leave a message on our answering machine. The refill will be sent in as soon as possible, usually at the end of the business day. If your child has not been seen in over 4 months for any chronic problem, please make an appointment as well. Many chronic medications require monitoring.

Required Information: child’s full name, date of birth, name of prescription, dosage and directions, and if you require more than one refill.

Options to receive your prescription are: call in to pharmacy (please leave pharmacy name, zip code and phone number), mailed home (please leave name and address information), or picked up in the office.

Please keep in mind that controlled substances (ex. Adderall, Ritalin, Focalin, etc) can not be called into the pharmacy.

If you need a prescription for a medication your child has not been on before, please make an appointment so that Dr. Lieberman can evaluate the problem and help you choose the best possible course of action to help your child.

Blood Draws

Nine- and eighteen-month-olds need a screening for iron and lead levels. This can be done at the time of your visit, via fingerstick.

For other kinds of bloodwork, you may schedule a visit with the medical assistant by choosing a blood draw appointment. For small babies, and those who have found blood draws difficult in the past, you may prefer to go an area outpatient lab for bloodwork, where the phlebotomists see a higher volume of patients and are therefore more experienced. LabCorps serves most insurances and has many convenient locations. The CHOP outpatient lab is also very good.

Hospital Affiliations

If a child needs to go the emergency department or to be admitted to the hospital, you may go directly to the emergency department. If you prefer, Dr. Lieberman will facilitate this by first determining if the parent prefers a particular hospital. CHOP, St. Christopher’s, Thomas Jefferson, Abington, and Bryn Mawr all have good inpatient pediatric programs, and pediatricians to see patients in the Emergency Department if needed. The emergency departments at CHOP and St. Christopher’s are always staffed by pediatric emergency specialists. Next, Dr. Lieberman will contact the emergency department or the inpatient specialist to make a personal referral for the child. The child can be transported to the hospital, either by the parents or in an ambulance. The emergency room and inpatient specialists then take over the care of the sick child, maintaining excellent communication with Dr. Lieberman. After discharge, the child will once again resume care at Fairmount Pediatrics.

Dr. Lieberman is on staff at Pennsylvania Hospital, but does not do any inpatient work there. Wherever your child is born or admitted for care, the excellent inpatient doctors will provide care, but Dr. Lieberman will be in close contact with you and with the doctors throughout your child’s stay. Patients are free to use any of the excellent pediatric programs in the region.

HMOs do require physicians to choose a ‘capitated’ site for x-rays, radiology, physical therapy, and podiatry from a limited number of sites. If you have an HMO and Fairmount Pediatrics is your primary care office, please contact your insurance for this information.

Parents’ Decision Making

Fairmount Pediatrics supports parents communicating with each other regarding their children’s care, even in cases of divorce or separation. Our policy is that the parent who is with the child at the visit is fully empowered to make all healthcare decisions for the child at the visit. The only exception will be if a parent does not have legal custody of a child, and Fairmount Pediatrics has been provided with a notarized letter, signed by both parents or a judge, informing us that one parent cannot make medical decisions.



Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine will make every effort to bill your insurance for you. Please provide complete and up-to-date insurance information at every visit. In the event that your insurance is not active, or denies a visit, the cost of the visit is your responsibility. If you need assistance in working with your insurance, please call in advance and arrange a time to bring in your bill.


We participate in most major insurance companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Keystone, Personal Choice, United Healthcare, NJ Horizon Blue Cross, and others. Please call your insurance provider to check our participation. Ask specifically about Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. If you just ask about Dr. Lieberman’s participation, you may be given information about her previous place of employment. Also, please be sure you are not accidentally asking about the Fairmount Primary Care Health Center. They are located on Fairmount Avenue. We are located on Hamilton Street.

Please note that we only accept three Medicaid plans: Keystone First, United and Health Partners. We do not participate with Americhoice, Aetna Medicaid, or Coventry Medicaid. If you have these plans and wish to be seen in this office, please call Health Partners or Keystone Mercy and request to have your plan changed to one of them. You can find those phone numbers at the bottom of the New Patient page, or follow the links above to their websites.

Our office participates in the Pennsylvania CHIP program. If you have a child under 18 years old who is uninsured, CHIP provides free and low-cost insurance. Please visit their website for more information.

Administrative Fees

Please see the following list of administrative fees that our office uses to expedite your needs:

  • School/Camp Forms: $5 per form. This fee is waived for annual well-visits for children aged 5-17 years old scheduled in April, May, or July, regardless of when you bring us the form.
  • Record Transfers: $20.00 per record
  • Driver’s License Form: $20.00
    • If the applicant has not had a physical within 6 months, we are required by law to perform a brief evaluation of your child. The office charges $20.00 for this visit due to many insurance companies only allowing one well visit per year.
    • There is no fee if your child has had a physical within the last 6 months. Your child must be present to sign the form in the presence of a physician. This is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Returned Check: $35.00
  • Billing Late Fee: $10.00
  • No-Show/Short-notice cancellation charge: $100. This fee applies if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, if you arrive after the start time of your appointment and cannot be seen, or if you do not arrive for your appointment at all. Please note: Patients who no-show or cancel with less than 24 hours notice twice will be asked to leave the practice.