New Patients

We are accepting new patients from birth through 21 years of age! Here’s how to enroll:

  • Step 1: Click on “schedule appointment” at the top of this page. Choose a “New Patient Meet the Office” appointment that works for you. We require this free meeting before you can establish care here at the office. This gives you a chance to be sure that it will be a good fit! Please note that we do not reschedule these visits if there is a short-notice cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Step 2: If you like the office after the meeting, please contact your health insurance company by looking on the back of your card to find the Member Services number. Ask them to change your child’s primary care provider to Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. If you run into a problem with this step, please call the FPAM office immediately (215-774-1166) so that we can fix the problem.
  • Step 3: You can schedule your first appointment using the appointment schedule link on the header of this page. For a first appointment, use a “New Patient Well Visit” if your child is due for a checkup. Next, during business hours, please call the office (215-774-1166) to get a user name and password for the portal. Please click “send message” on the website, and log in. Follow the instructions to change your password. Please fill out all demographic information and medical information. Now you are ready for your first visit!
  • Step 4: If your child has been seen by another pediatrician, please ask them in writing to send selections from your child’s records (vaccine record, growth chart, problem list, all labs and studies, all consultant letters, and notes from most recent two visits) to Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, at the address at the top of this page. If this is not possible, please do bring a copy of your child’s vaccine record to the first visit.

Click here for Fairmount Pediatrics’ Health Insurance Company Provider Numbers

Expecting a baby?

If you are expecting a baby, we would love to meet with you. This meeting with the doctor and the staff is free of charge, and will give you a chance to see if the practice would be a good fit. Please use the scheduling tool to book a meeting (it’s the top option). We are open late until 8:00pm on Mondays, and open early on Fridays at 8:15. We look forward to meeting with you!
Would you like shopping advice? Here’s a list of things you may want for the new baby.


We know what a wonderful, yet hectic, time it can be when you bring a new baby home. We would like to offer some helpful advice so that you may avoid some common mistakes that parents of newborns make when it comes to your insurance company. Taking the following steps will also help to ensure that your visits to our office aren’t complicated by extra paperwork.


  • Contact your human resources department or member services at your insurance company and inform them that you have a new baby. Please try to do this within the first few days of the baby’s life. Most insurance companies require that this be done within the first 30 days of life. If you have an HMO, please ALSO CONTACT THE INSURANCE COMPANY yourself! This will get the ball rolling, in case you need a referral for a specialist.
  • Bring the birth parent’s insurance card with you to the baby’s first visit. The baby will be covered under the birth parent’s identification number until he/she receives an individual card or through the first 30 days of life. (Reality check: What will really happen is, we will submit the bill to the birth parent’s insurance and they will deny it. You will get a new insurance card within a few weeks, with a different number. PLEASE REMEMBER TO GIVE US THIS NEW NUMBER! Then, we will resubmit the newborn visit bill under the new number and it will be covered.)
  • Once you receive notification from your insurance company that your new dependent has been added to your insurance, present this information to the office immediately so that proper billing is completed. PLEASE BRING US THE NEW INSURANCE NUMBER AS SOON AS YOU GET IT!
  • You may receive a separate card with your child’s name. You will need to give this to the front desk so there is a current copy in your child’s chart.
  • If you have an HMO insurance you will likely need to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for your child. You may do this at the time of enrollment or you may contact member services and inform them that you wish to select our office as your child’s PCP. Failing to do so may result in a denial of your claims.


Insurance Provider Numbers and Customer Service Phone Numbers

Please note: The only Medicaid plans we accept are Keystone First, Health Partners and United. If you call any other Medicaid plan and are told that Dr. Lieberman is enrolled, they are referring to her previous place of employment, not Fairmount Pediatrics. We apologize for this confusion.


Plan Provider Number Customer Service
KEYSTONE HEALTH PLAN EAST 3740697001 800-645-3965
KEYSTONE FIRST 30067542 800-440-3989
BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD PERSONAL CHOICE 3740697000 Phone number varies. Check back of card.
PHCS MULTI PLAN SCRIPT ONLY (No provider number needed) 800-950-7040
DEVON SCRIPT ONLY (No provider number needed) 800-431-2273
UNITED HEALTHCARE SCRIPT ONLY (No provider number needed) 877-842-3210
HORIZON OF N.J. A4024 800-355-2583
CIGNA SCRIPT ONLY (No provider number needed) 800-244-6224
HEALTH PARTNERS 44054 215-849-9600
AETNA 7232057 888-632-3862
OXFORD SCRIPT ONLY (No provider number needed) 800-444-6222